How to Spend Bitcoin This Holiday Season

19 Dec 2019

The joy of Christmas is so infectious that it even affects crypto prices. Data from the last four years shows quite clearly that there is a surge in activity in December. So, experts believe that we might well see the ghost of crypto past this year too, with Bitcoin price receiving a seasonal boost in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We’ve already had a taste of a rally in November, when Bitcoin was up 20% in the four days leading up to Thanksgiving. For now, technical indicators appear positive, with analysts predicting a big year for Bitcoin in 2020.

So, while Bitcoin might give you a Christmas gift in the form of a price rally, it also seems a good idea to use the crypto to get the perfect gifts for your near and dear ones this year. We’re sure Sant-oshi would agree.

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All I Want for Christmas…
With Amazon, Overstock, Home Depot, Sephora, JC Penny, Shopify and Kohl’s accepting Bitcoin payments, all your Christmas gift shopping can be done the easy way – online! For a truly dazzling gift, Reeds Jewelers are bitcoin friendly. Need the perfect gift for a gadget junkie? Newegg has it all and accepts crypto payments. For that friend (and there’s always one), Playboy is now accepting Bitcoin too. And, if you need the perfect gift for your cat-mummy or dog-daddy friend, Cryptopet is your go-to for a wide variety of pet food and supplies.

Did your niece just watch Frozen 2 and now insists on wearing her tiara to bed? Check out the Anna and Elsa toys and other Frozen merch at stores like Fast Tech that sell everything, from electronics to kids’ toys. For your more upmarket gift-buying, check out Real Watches, an online retailer of timepieces and watches for both men and women, and Sugartrends, a Germany-based retailer, for luxury and art items. And, if all this shopping is tiring you out, get yourself your favourite Starbucks coffee with Bitcoins. But not before you get your geek cousin, a lovely Christmas sweater they’re sure to love.

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Bah, Humbug! Escape All the Christmas Madness
With Christmas on Wednesday and Boxing Day on Thursday, might as well take Friday off too and get out of town for a bit. Bitcoin can help you take that much needed break and explore a new destination. CheapAir, for instance, has been accepting crypto payments since 2013, via BTCPayServer. Then, there’s, which allows you to book flight tickets, hotels and even sightseeing tours with crypto. You can visit the most popular destination in the world with this travel site, including Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York. was launched in 2011 and is based in Poland. It accepts all the popular cryptos, including BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and DASH.

Another popular travel site is Travala, which lets you book your stay from a network of more than 2 million hotels across 80,000 destination in the world. This site also accepts the major cryptos for payments, including the usual BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC. If you’re looking for a travel site that you can access in the language you are most comfortable with, choose Destinia, which is available in more than 30 different languages. Apart from flights and hotels, you can also book train tickets, ski packages and rental apartments through this Spain-based site.

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But, why limit your holiday choices to this world? Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is accepting Bitcoin payments too. View the Earth from Santa’s vantage point on a suborbital spaceflight!

Stuff that Turkey
Is the idea of cooking an elaborate Christmas dinner for the entire clan make you break out in a sweat? This year, skip the fuss and check out the best restaurants that accept Bitcoin. How about a memorable evening at the only Bourbon bar in Melbourne, The Kodiak Club? This is where you’ll find the best of American bar culture, down-under. How about creating the most romantic ambiance at home with food from Amsterdam-based It serves several countries across Europe, of which Switzerland is a major one, followed by Germany’s Lieferando, the largest online food delivery service in the country.

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Even Russian food delivery service, When Hungry, offers its services in Europe. Including the Baltic states and Germany, and accepts crypto payments, along with payments in its own crypto coin, WHY. Of course, you might just have spent most of your savings on those gifts we mentioned earlier, so you might want to settle for KFC, Pizza Hut. Domino’s, Papa John’s and even California’s Pizzaforcoins, all of which accept bitcoin payments.

Want to stay traditional instead and cook up a storm for the family? Shop for all your ingredients at Whole Foods Market, using your crypto holdings.

Or Just Scrooge it
With Bitcoin price trending upwards during December over the past four years, you might consider trading cryptos as well this Christmas. With so much happening on both sides of the Atlantic, cryptos might prove to be a good store of value. The UK election results, Brexit negotiations, trade wars, economic slowdown in several countries and Trump’s impeachment are only some of the news events that could affect the demand for cryptos. So, make sure you do your research well and choose a crypto exchange you can trust.

And, with that, it’s time for us to wish a Merry Cryptmas to All and To All a Good Night.

So, how are you gifting with your crypto this season? Connect with us on Twitter, at @DSX_uk. And, don’t forget to check out bitcoin trading on the DSX exchange.  Register with us today.

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