Gram is coming - we’re ready, are you?

1 Oct 2019

It’s always exciting when a new cryptocurrency launches. It’s even more exciting when that cryptocurrency is being launched by one of the world’s largest messaging platforms.

That’s exactly what Gram - the new token from Telegram is offering. All of the freedom you’ve come to expect from any good cryptocurrency, backed by a ready made infrastructure to encourage the public to get involved and use it. Why does this matter? Because it means it’s a currency which will actually be used and this will only make it more attractive to traders.

We’re delighted to have signed up several investors to sell their tokens exclusively through DSX when the currency is first made available to the public.

And by buying with DSX you’ll get all the great features you’re used to from us - the ease of use, the first-class security and the ability to buy with your credit card or through your bank with multiple currencies available.

So if you’re already signed up, you’re good to go - we’ll let you know the second the currency has a release date. In the meantime, why not get a head start and start planning out your trading strategy.

But, if you’re not and want a piece of the action you’ll have to hurry. To be sure you will have a chance to buy Gram at DSX, register with us by October 31.

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