DSX on Crypto Pro

22 Aug 2019

We are happy to announce that DSX is now fully integrated with Crypto Pro.

Crypto Pro is an all-in-one Bitcoin and cryptocurrency tracker. You can set custom price alerts, read the latest cryptocurrency news, and track your portfolios with just a few taps. All your data is encrypted and stored locally on your device, meaning that your in-app activities, portfolio stats, and alerts set are completely private a– the way it should be.

Integration Benefits:

DSX users now have a seamless tracking experience on Crypto Pro via:

1. API Import: API exchange sync allows you to automatically import your balances from DSX, and have them displayed in your Crypto Pro portfolio. Long gone are the days where you manually adjust your portfolio after every trade.
2. Price Alerts: You can set price alerts for any trading pair on DSX. Alerts are sent to your Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone so you’ll always be on top of the market.
3. Apple Watch: View price lists and graphs for any cryptocurrency on DSX from your Apple Watch. Complications are available for every Watch Face.

Future releases include a macOS app and an Android app.

For a detailed guide on how you can set up your Apple Watch to display the latest DSX prices, click here.
                                                                       Download on iOS

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