Personal touch

Get your very own DSX account manager, helping you get the most out of the platform

Smart APIs

Integrate the way you want. From market data and reports through to orders and withdrawals

Trading API

It’s the adventure you’ve been looking for, with the perfect partner to get you there

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Market data available anonymously for the entire history of the exchange

We are ready to design technical integration in parallel with onboarding

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Exchange API for easy integration

We will help you understand API and product, based on the case

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Full API documentation

Fast onboarding

Individual Accounts

Verification from 15 minutes

Business Accounts

Verification from 1 business day

Faster Onboarding

For ePayments members

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Seamless payments

Seamless payments
between multiple exchanges

We’ll get you the accounts you need to separate your currencies and coins and fine-tune your trading strategies

Demo / Practice Account

Sign up instantly to get a Demo Account and start strategising! (coming soon)

Trading bot

Compare the efficiency of your automated trading bots on separate accounts


Deploy your strategies to separate accounts for easier review

Bespoke fees for market makers

You can contact us for special conditions for Market Makers. You have the opportunity to get a tariff even to zero for maker applications

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Safe and secure
Strong authentication

Multi-factor authentication using Google Authenticator, Hardware secure keys

Yubico partners

Top-level protection with hardware security keys for authentication

Custody solution

Multi-signature cold wallet, completely offline, holds the majority of coins

Get all the DSX info you need
through Bloomberg terminal

Bloomberg terminal

Ready for tomorrow?

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