Our mission?

To get the hell out of the way and let you trade – your way

To give you the confidence you’ve never felt with any other crypto platform

A professional exchange platform for cryptocurrency traders

At DSX we wanted to create an environment that captures the adventure of the crypto universe in a platform that is safe, trusted and beautiful to use. We've built a platform that's the sidekick to those taking their first steps.

We've developed a team that's an ally for traders realising their everyday dreams and the engine for our partners. We make exchanging, trading and using crypto easy so you can focus on where it takes you

Mike Rymanov,
CEO and Founder
The smartest, most inspiring and intuitive crypto technology out there. It’s tech you want to tell your friends about

Team DSX

Bankers without bowlers.
Techies without tears.
Crypto with credibility.
Born out of London, DSX has harnessed the essence of crypto and combined it with the professionalism of the financial world.

It’s the adventure you’ve been looking for, with the perfect partner to get you there
I ensure that every aspect of DSX delivers a crypto experience that is safe, trusted and beautiful to use
I keep everyone pulling in the same direction, ensuring that we realise the promise of cryptocurrency
I'm passionate about creating simple solutions to difficult problems and making our customers' lives easier
Comrade Alex
Account Manager
I'm our customers' safety net and partner, ensuring they make the most of the opportunities crypto has to offer
CTO/Chief Architect
Sapienti sat
Head of QA
I'm relentlessly focused on making sure we're doing the right things, in the right way and with the right outcomes
Head of Customer Services
Without customers, a platform is pointless. I ensure our customer experience matches the promises our business makes
QA Engineer
I make sure your mobile experience delivers on the promise of crypto
Software Architect
I create the tools which makes our platform work - and I get it right first time
QA Engineer
I ensure our website delivers a best in class customer experience
Back‑end Developer
I make sure our code lives up to your expectations
Web Developer
Everything starts somewhere and with DSX your crypto adventure starts with my code
Office Manager
I create the environment where things get done
Blockchain Developer
Blockchain is the future. I'm one of the people helping make that future a reality
Web Developer
I write beautiful code which powers your crypto currency adventure
Back‑end Developer
I write the scripts which make DSX sing
Web Developer
I find the solutions to our challenges
Product Manager
I fix problems - no matter how big or small
QA Engineer
Something strange with your interface? Who you gonna call? Bugbusters!
QA Engineer
I squash bugs and keep a smile on the team's face
iOS Developer
Wherever you are, you deserve a great crypto experience. I work to make that happen
Account Manager
Every adventurer needs a helping hand along the way - and that's what I provide to people exploring the world of crypto
Data Analyst
I track everything which happens across DSX and keep the team informed on what this means
Lead Devops Engineer
I ensure the team deliver our promises
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